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Here's JUNE/JULY and look what is going on.

One year on after discontinuing bonsai workshops to concentrate on supplying the best pre-bonsai stock, we are happy to say we feel that all of our stock is of the highest quality.

We are not starting any workshops this year, but have business cards available for some very good bonsai instructors in Brisbane north, south and the Gold Coast areas.

We are now moving into a very busy time on the bonsai calendar and we are preparing for repotting of established bonsai and potting of some of the pre-bonsai stock. We have available everything required for this season for bonsai enthusiasts from our stock, soil, pots, tools and all accessories.

We are now hoping to redo this webpage and, in the mean time, you can follow us on Facebook for our day to day activities.

Wishing all bonsai enthusiasts a productive Spring time.


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