Here's JUNE/JULY and look what is going on.

Australian Bonsai Grower is going through some changes.  

Stephen and I are hoping to spend time honing our craft.  We intend to do this  by taking time for further education, and working with our established bonsai and pre bonsai stock.  We hope to pass this on to our customers by supplying the best possible stock we can.


However for now this means there will be no bonsai or repotting workshops for the next 6 months,  and our trading hours will change from the 1 August, 2019.


I will continue to post on facebook our activities through the seasons and to write my monthly diary.  

Trading hours will be posted well before 1. 8. 20.


We hope that  our wonderful customers will continue to support us through these changes as we strive to improve and grow our passion for the Art of Bonsai.


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