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Let's tell YOU a little bit ABOUT US.

Our nursery is a family business and has been operating at our current location for 27 years.


Dianne was introduced to the art of bonsai at an early age by her father who was a bonsai enthusiast with a large private collection. Dianne still has some of his trees.


Our passion for the art of bonsai grew out of Dianne's exposure to her father's bonsai and became even stronger when we recieved two bonsai as a wedding gift.


We continued to add to our private collection, but like many enthusiasts at that time, found it difficult to find suitable stock plants. We decided that if we were to get suitable stock plants, we would have to propagate our own plants. Stephen became heavily involved in plant propagation and it was from this early start that our nursery opened in 1987, initially offering only stock plants to bonsai enthusiasts and the trade.


It wasn't long before we started selling completed bonsai and the nursery has continued to grow and today, is Queenland's largest supplier of stock plants for bonsai. We offer a vast range of completed bonsai and all bonsai accessories.

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