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MAY WE tell you what has been going on this month?

We have been very busy during May to make sure we have plenty of pre-bonsai stock. I find this a good time to wire trees in readiness for Spring and I have no trouble choosing great stock for this purpose. It has taken longer than usual, but we now have a full supply of tools.

Maintenance is important at this time of year. I am cleaning out all bonsai of old foliage and needles, opening trees up for winter. Some bonsai have to be moved into sunnier positions and they all need to be checked for disease. Watering has to be judged on a daily basis and although bonsai require less water at this time of year, we still get dry days with low air moisture where watering is necessary. I am still fertilising but only once a month.

A reminder that we close for the first 2 weeks of June every year. This year we reopen again on Monday 15 June. We have a little more time in the cooler months to enjoy bonsai and plan for spring.





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