APRIL has brought US fantastic news!

It is a little cooler,  and I have reduced fertilising to once every 3 weeks.  Trimming is kept to a minimum now with top pruning only to maintain silhouette.

Checking for bugs and disease is still important, as is keeping your bonsai clean of old foliage and too much lichen on trunks and branches.  At this time of year

and through the winter months bonsai require as much light and air flow into the interior of  trees to keep them healthy.  Remember to also check wiring as trunks and branches thicken now.

I have finished my root pruning and potting for the season.  At this time I do a lot of wiring and preparing my pre bonsai stock for Spring.  Still plenty to keep the bonsai enthusiast busy, but also more time to just appreciate your trees, and enjoy their beauty.  

We have our last workshop for the season on Saturday 4th May.  There has been a lot of interest and all classes have been full.  I will advertise here and on facebook when we reopen our book for spring workshops. Check us out on facebook.

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