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APRIL has brought US fantastic news!

Unusual times. I am sure a lot of bonsai enthusiasts will have created some beautiful bonsai art during our isolation. 

April has still been warn and there are still plenty of bugs and disease around. It is important now to prepare bonsai for winter. Trees need to be cleaned out and checked for bugs. This will help to let the light and air into the interior of your bonsai. I am still fertilising once a fortnight and some of my bonsai still need to be dunked to rewet the soil mass.

Top pruning has slowed now and I have finished my autumn potting. I am still preparing trees for autumn, styling and wiring. If wiring, be careful as trunks and branches may be more brittle. I am also rearranging my trees to ensure all bonsai are receiving enough sun. 

Please note we are still trading during our normal hours. Finally we have a supply og Ryuga tools and they should be arriving soon. We have a new selection of handmade bonsai pots and Stephen is bringing out 3 new bags of rock, which should be on shelves soon. As always we have an amazing range of pre-bonsai stock from small to the very old and large.

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