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Have YOU heard what's happened in MARCH?

Remember your Autumn care: check for bugs and disease, clean out all trees to let sunlight and fresh air into their interiors. I am fertilising once a fortnight.

Our weather here has still been up around the 30 degrees and some of my bonsai were drying out even though I hand water daily. I dunked my bonsai and added fertiliser to the water. 

Remember Autumn is a perfect time to repot many varieties and with this in mind we are having a sale on our Bonsai Soil Mix.


20lt bags of our Bonsai Soil Mix $10.00.

So in case of a lock down, stock up on your bonsai supplies and you will have lots to fill your time.

We ask if you visit our nursery, please practice social distancing and the high hygiene rules in place. Please do not visit if you are unwell in any way.

Stay safe and well.

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