Have YOU heard what's happened in MARCH?

Well March has been a busy month.  The usual maintenance work still need to be completed and it is particularly important to make sure your bonsai are ready for winter.  Weeding, cleaning out old foliage and checking for disease and pests is a must.  Your trees will require good morning sun, plenty of air flow and we still fertilise once a fortnight.  We will slow down on fertilising as the weather becomes cooler.


We have spent much of the past month working on our pre bonsai stock so there is excellent stock for anyone wishing to create their own bonsai. We also have some selected larger pre bonsai stock that Stephen has root pruned so anyone wishing to bonsai this stock has the advantage of a much easier transplant into a bonsai pot.


This month I attended bonsai week held at the arboretum, Canberra.  This was a very worthwhile, enjoyable and informative week.  The bonsai collection there is amazing and if you check us out on face book you will see some of the photos.  If you are in Canberra a visit to the Arboretum is a must. 


Our workshops are now full for the rest of this season.  Spring workshops commence end of August and bookings can be arranged by phoning us on 3803 3060 the last week in July.

Meanwhile take the time to just enjoy your bonsai.

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