WE are ready for JANUARY, are YOU?

This hot weather has kept us busy making sure all plants are getting enough water.  We are watering twice a day and dunking once a fortnight.

There is the occasional bonsai requiring dunking more frequently.  We also fertilise once a month with a organic fertiliser.

Most bonsai have slowed down growth and only require minimal top pruning.  I have spent some time cleaning out old foliage especially from Junipers

and Black Pines and at the same time checking for bugs and disease.  The new growth on Fig is very tempting to bugs and these I check every few days to

enable easier control.  The weeds are also problematic at this time of year.  Keeping your bonsai clean allowing good air flow and light to penetrate to the

interior of the trees will result in much healthier bonsai.

Stephen has been working on future proofing the supply of good pre bonsai stock.  We are presently overflowing with quality stock.

We have now opened the book for our workshops.  These commence on the 2nd of March, fill very quickly and booking a spot is essential.

Bookings and further information can be obtained by phoning us on 07 38033060. 

Check us out on facebook for more information and photos.

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