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Guess what's been going on in NOVEMBER!

With the hot humid days, dry winds and some rain, trees are growing vigorously requiring extra attention.  Checking bonsai daily for dryness, bugs and disease is essential.  Where possible I have moved varieties prone to sunburn into more shade. Some days bonsai have required watering twice a day, and I am dunking at least once a month.  Fertilising with low nitrogen fertiliser once a fortnight will help trees to manage through our coming summer.

We have been concentrating this month on all our pre- bonsai stock, and our range and quality has never been better.  This year we also have a range of beautiful succulent setting, which make for great living gifts that are easy to care for.  Please follow us on Facebook to see some of our products, and daily running of our nursery.

Workshops are full until the end of the year.  You can book a place in our autumn workshops by phoning us from The last week in January.

Bonsai is a wonderful way to relax and escape all the pressure of this time of year.  Very busy but enjoyable time of the year for bonsai enthusiasts.


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