Guess what's been happening in February!

It has been a long hot summer requiring close attention to all bonsai and stock trees.  We have watered everyday during February and we continued our fertilising program (once a fortnight).  I continue to dunk bonsai once every three weeks. This has worked well with all bonsai and pre bonsai stock are looking really healthy.
With Autumn coming I am getting ready to pot new prepared stock and repot any bonsai requiring a root prune.  There will also be a growth spurt and lots of varieties will require top pruning.  Remember if doing any of these activities your trees and bonsai will need to reestablish before the cold weather.  Also remember to check all wiring as trunks and branches thicken at this time.
With plenty of work still needed on bonsai our workshops are full until the 13th April, with spaces available after this date. Please phone on 38033060 to book a spot or get more information.  Meanwhile enjoy this wonderful art and take time to appreciate your bonsai.  Check us out on Facebook for more details.

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